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TruBlue of Allen

TruBlue is a full-service house care company that offers both bundled and unbundled services in Allen and Plano.

House Care Plus


From cleaning, handyman repairs, yard maintenance, and to-do list chores like raking leaves and hanging holiday lights - we provide home maintenance services for seniors that lets them enjoy their homes longer.


Handyman Services


Our Tru-Pro (TM) home technicians can handle all of your local handyman needs, from toilet repairs to paint touch-ups, gutter cleaning, and so much more.


House Cleaning


From vacuuming and dusting, to cleaning windows and everything in between, our local house cleaning services are here to help. Single service and monthly plans that fit your busy life.


Kitchen & Bathroom


Let us help with a new complete kitchen or bathroom remodel. Our kitchen and bathroom remodeling experts can give you an updated look that you have been wanting.


Senior Home Safety Assessment


Preparing a home for an elderly family member is a big responsibility. We take the weight off your shoulders by providing comprehensive home safety for your loved ones.


Senior Home Safety Modifications


TruBlue’s experienced technicians work with you to create a custom senior home modification plan that makes the home more accessible and reduces falling hazards for your loved one.


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  • Daniel Lecuona

    Daniel Lecuona

    Daniel L. has an electrical engineering degree and a master’s degree in technology and business administration, grew up in Argentina and moved to Brazil when he was 25 years old. He has more than 28 years of experience in maintenance and administration and has worked for multinational companies, including PepsiCo, Volkswagen, Arteche, Neodent Straumann and BrasilSat. In Brazil, he also volunteered at APACN, an organization that cares for children with neoplasm, and in many ministries at his family’s church. Daniel and his family were ready to move to the United States and start a new life in a safer community with better educational opportunities. Opening TruBlue Total House Care of Allen in 2017 was the icing on the cake.

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It’s getting warmer and starting to feel like summertime. When the weather gets nicer we know that more people spend their days outside enjoying nature. Although spring and summer are beautiful, there are some inherent dangers to the outdoors that we have to remember, especially as we age. We’ve put together a list of 5 outdoor safety tips and ticks for the aging adventurer in your life. 1 Decluttering your Sheds and Garages. Decluttering your space is extremely important when trying to prevent many issues, such as cleanliness and tripping hazards. Decluttering can also help prevent the masking of potential critter and bug infestations. It can also reduce the amount of dust that builds up, for cleaner air aiding with allergies. Garages and sheds are great for storage, but if it becomes cluttered, disorganized, or if it’s bursting at the seams, the space no longer is safe and now poses a risk for items falling down and becoming tripping hazards, and making your items unusable because they’re too hard to access. 2 Proper Lighting. As we age, our eyesight deteriorates rapidly, which makes having proper lighting on both the inside and outside of the house extremely necessary. Making sure that your home is properly lit on the outside can help prevent tripping when walking over unstable ground and terrain. There are many different types of lights that you can use on the exterior of your home, but some of the best ones to use are motion sensor lights, path lights, and stair lights, all of which can help make the exterior of your home the best and safest it can be. Some lights are even solar powered so you’ll never have to worry about changing a battery or running electricity from your house to the lights. 3 Outdoor Shade Cover. One of the best things for people of all ages to do for their health is to sit outside and get some fresh air, however as we grow older there are some increased risks for doing so. As we age, we become more susceptible to contracting skin cancer from the sun's harmful UV rays. A good way to enjoy the outdoors while also staying safe from the dangerous UV is to invest in a shade cover. A fabric shade cover can block up to 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, along with cooling your patio by up to 20 degrees. There are many other types of covers that can protect your skin from the sun including pergolas, umbrellas, awnings, and canopies. Shade covers can help you get that freedom of enjoying the outdoors again, without putting you at risk for skin cancer. 4 SHS Monitoring Technology. One new feature offered by Seniors Home Services is their Remote Care Monitoring technology. Their Remote Care Monitoring system uses motion detectors, sensors, and AI to detect unusual behaviors in the residents home, without invasive cameras. Behaviors such as inactivity, open doors late at night, and the stove or water being on for too long are all detected through their sensors. All these different sensors paired with the AI software can help notify technicians of potentially hazardous situations. The system helps reduce the risk of falls and allows for quick responses to falls should they happen. This system also includes a necklace that has a button on it in case you run into trouble while outside of your house. 5 Enhance your Outdoor Mobility. Mobility is important for everyone, but its importance grows as you age. Ensuring that you’re able to move freely around your home and yard is an essential part to being able to Age-in-Place. If you utilize mobility devices, such as walkers, canes, or scooters, getting an outdoor ramp and widening your entrance way is extremely important to get around comfortably. Not only is being comfortable extremely important, but the safety that these ramps provide is extremely important for everyone using them. Ramps provide that extra mobility for people who need it the most. TruBlue offers services such as ramp installations and doorway widening, which can help make mobility much safer. To help with clutter, we have our maid service, which allows for customizable options as far as scheduling and what work you need done. Installation of Outdoor Shade Covers can also be done by our TruBlue Tru-Pro home technicians. TruBlue technicians can also install external motion detectable lights that can help make sure you get where you need to be in the dark. Lastly, since TruBlue is partnered with Senior Home Services we can help get the Remote Care Monitoring system up and running.
Mother’s day is quickly approaching around the corner. Here at TruBlue we love mothers. Many of our successful business owners are mothers themselves. We believe they deserve the world, or, at the very least, much more than a haphazard bouquet of half wilted flowers, or the remains of a stick mess that’s left over from a well-intentioned breakfast in bed. If you agree with us and are searching for meaningful ideas for the special mom in your life, you’re in the right place. We have come up with a couple of ideas to get your home, or home of a deserving mother in your life, ready in time for their day. 1 Finish the Honey Do List. Chances are the special mother in your life is a great delegator. This means that there’s probably a list of small chores around the house that she’s been giving to someone. This list might include things like hanging the TV on the wall, fixing cabinet doors that have become out of alignment, quieting a squeaky door hinge or more. If there is no list, studies have shown that the average American home has at least 22 small tasks that need completed. Complete this list and we can promise you the extra functionality on the house will enhance her day-to-day life. 2 Redo your Kitchen Cabinets. Most moms spend a lot of time looking at the kitchen. Ensure that what they look at is not only functional but also easy on the eyes. Repainting the cabinet doors, adding kitchen handles, or updating the appliances will all impact the appearance of the kitchen, and even, in some instances, the functionality of the space. 3 Do some Landscaping. Spring is here, and that means that the ground is thawing if you live in a colder climate. This is where we can go above and beyond last minute grocery store bouquet. Spend some time outside and plant some flowers yourself. Weed the flowerbeds, lay down new mulch, and plant something beautiful. When planted correctly and taken care of, the flowers should bloom for years of enjoyment, rather than wilting within the month. Mowing the grass while you’re at it will only make the flowerbeds stand out even more. 4 Baby/Pet Proof the House. For the new mothers or mothers of young children, or new pets, consider if baby proofing the place would be a good use of resources. Installing strong gates can keep both pets and curious toddlers alike out of places that they shouldn’t get to go. Look at the kitchen. Set up soft-close cabinets, or put childproof locks so that little fingers and paws can’t get smashed between the cabinet and the door. Put some plug covers over open sockets, and protect little heads from sharp furniture corners by putting up corner protectors. If you need help setting up baby cameras or other monitoring devices your local TruBlue can assist you there. 5 Create a Dedicated Home Office or Mom Only Space in the House. Move over Man Cave, it’s time for a dedicated mother zone. Moms are not stay at home wives anymore. Many of them work from home, run side businesses and hustles, or donate their time to various volunteer activities. Give them a dedicated space to work or relax in. This mother’s day consider sprucing up this room. Invest in some wall decor or furniture to fill the space and make it both beautiful and functional. Or look at what the office needs, a new printer, a new computer monitor, better lighting, and invest in some new technology for the space. Mom’s deserve so much, and this mother's day give them something special to make their house more beautiful and functional. Give them something that lasts for months. If you need help to complete these tasks contact your local TruBlue and we will be happy to help set up the perfect mother’s day surprise.
Through this partnership, TruBlue becomes Honor's preferred referral partner, providing handyman services and senior home modifications to the seniors for whom it advocates. CINCINNATI, April 28, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- TruBlue Total House Care, the 70-plus-unit home services franchise, has announced its partnership with Honor, the world's largest senior care network and their technology platform. With this partnership, TruBlue becomes the preferred provider of handyman services and home modifications for seniors with Honor Expert, an online platform that delivers solutions to aging adults and their families. "Being associated with a well-respected organization like Honor is going to be a tremendous resource," said Sean Fitzgerald, president of TruBlue. "The home environment is key to aging in place successfully, and having an organization like Honor Expert referring us out is going to be a huge benefit. Together, we're going to help educate families and seniors on how to age in place successfully, especially as both companies become a greater advocate for aging seniors." Local Trending News TruBlue is the only franchise system focused on ongoing home maintenance and handyman services for seniors as well as busy adults. TruBlue Total House Care subscription program provides help around the house, both inside and out. Home maintenance for seniors includes ongoing services such as to-do list chores, handyman repairs and home maintenance. Honor, founded in 2014 and backed by $325 million in equity funding from investors, is on a mission to fundamentally change the way people care for their parents and loved ones by helping improve the quality of life for older adults and their families. Honor Expert was built as an online platform to deliver solutions to aging adults and their families, providing a dedicated 800 number where seniors can get access to resources, tools and education, including products and services from trusted Honor partners like TruBlue. "Now, more than ever, seniors and their loved ones are looking for guidance on how to navigate aging-related concerns. We're answering the call, literally, and partnering with some of the best in the business to address obstacles to care and deliver real, tangible solutions," said Seth Sternberg, CEO and co-founder of Honor. "Navigating health issues and solutions as people age is a massive pain point for our clients around the world, and through the Honor Expert service, we're enabling seniors and their loved ones to more quickly and easily identify aging-related challenges and find solutions before they escalate into larger problems." In 2021, Honor acquired Home Instead, the world's largest global home care network and trusted provider of senior home care services. Between this acquisition and its partnership with TruBlue, Honor now has the reach and resources to solve how people care for aging adults and professional caregivers around the world. For TruBlue, the partnership will help advance the brand's goal of continuing to generate awareness around the importance of taking care of the home and doing regular maintenance to create safer and longer-term environments for seniors. "Honor Expert and other new programs Honor offers are going to be a tremendous resource for us," said Fitzgerald. "The opportunity to align with Honor and Home Instead is going to allow all of us to realize our shared visions of giving seniors everywhere the resources they need to successfully age in place." ABOUT TRUBLUE TOTAL HOUSE CARE TruBlue Total House Care provides a helping hand around the house — inside and out. TruBlue's services include to-do list chores, handyman services, house cleaning, maintenance, yard work, emergency repairs, seasonal work and preventative maintenance, all handled by a personal House Care Manager. TruBlue strives to provide affordable, worry-free living for seniors and hassle-free living for busy adults by providing full-service, trustworthy house care services. TruBlue franchise owners are required to complete the Senior Home Safety Certification program through Age Safe® America. As specialists, TruBlue franchisees will be able to perform Senior Home Safety Assessments and can make those recommended safety modifications if needed. ABOUT HONOR: Honor Technology, Inc. is expanding the world's capacity to care. Founded in 2014, Honor is the world's largest home care network with the most advanced technology platform revolutionizing how society cares for older adults, their families, and Care Professionals. Honor acquired Home Instead in 2021, and the combined company will support the work of more than 100,000 professional caregivers across 13 countries and meet the growing needs of millions of older adults and their families worldwide. For more information, visit joinhonor.com and homeinstead.com. Media Contact Lauren Turner, Mainland, 3125263996, lturner@hellomainland.com

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Who Are We? TruBlue Total House Care is a Total Home Care services company dedicated to providing value and peace-of-mind to our customers. Our mission is to help people maintain the safety and value of their homes through home assessments and regular maintenance. We are se ...

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