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June 13, 2021

Carefree Living Starts with… a Senior Safety Assessment?

There are lots of subjects people don’t like to talk about, but getting older is certainly toward the top of the list. We all know we’re aging, but no one likes to be reminded that we might not be as spry as we used to be and no one out of school wants to be called a senior.

But whether we want to admit it or not, as we get older, our needs change, which means our homes need to change too. Adding grab bars to the shower isn’t about thinking you can’t catch yourself if you fall – it’s about making sure if you slip, which happens to all of us at 22 or 92, you have the best shot at not getting hurt. Installing lever door handles instead of knobs doesn’t mean anyone thinks you have arthritis – it’s about making sure that, if you wake up with joints that are more stiff than usual, it doesn’t cause you any issues.

It’s not about Aging in Place. It’s about preparing your home for Carefree Living. And while no one wants to think about getting older, preparing your house with Carefree Living starts with something that doesn’t sound so great… a Senior Safety Assessment.

The problem: When someone says Senior Safety Assessment, all three words are negative. No one wants to be a senior. No one wants to believe their own living situation is unsafe. And no one wants to feel like they are being tested.

The reality: Senior Safety Assessment is just an industry term that means bringing a trained professional into your home to look at your house to help you see what can be done to make life easier and more comfortable in the future. It could be things as simple as fixing loose floorboards, removing slippery rugs, replacing door handles, raising toilet seats or installing grab bars. Or, depending on your individual needs, that person might suggest installing ramps, widening hallways, lowering light switches, putting in a walk-in shower or something else.

The point is that, when you bring in someone who is trained to see the trees, they don’t get lost looking at the forest. It’s easy to forget that there’s a loose floorboard when you’ve been stepping over it for 10 years, but when you bring in someone specifically to look for those issues, it can make a big difference.

So, whether you are already looking for ways to make your home safer and more liveable, or you are starting to prepare yourself for a Carefree Life in the comfort of your own home, it’s time to call TruBlue. Our technicians are Age Safe America® Certified and, with their total house care system, they can help find the issues with that Senior Safety Assessment, make the repairs or adjustments with your approval, and then continue to care for your home well into the future.

Don’t let those three unattractive words stand between you and your best life.

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