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August 27, 2018

Celebrating an Awesome 2018

Celebrating an Awesome 2018

In February of 2018, Franchise Gator named TruBlue Total House Care a Top 20 Fastest Growing Franchise and Top 100 Franchise. As we look back on the last year, it’s easy to see why! We’ve made improvements to our business that benefit our franchisees as well as their clients, we’ve put more focus on growing our brand, we celebrated the fifth anniversaries of two of our first franchise owners and we trained 16 new owners.

Here’s a little about the highlights from 2018!

Franchise Gator Ranking

Franchise Gator ranked TruBlue Total House Care a Top 20 Fastest Growing Franchise and a Top 100 Franchise for 2018. The rankings were based on our track record of customer satisfaction and the trust of investors as well as the number of opening and operating units the franchise has over the past several years:

House Care Plus

TruBlue was built with seniors in mind and, in 2018, we formally announced the House Care Plus program. With House Care Plus, seniors, their families or anyone who doesn’t want to worry about home maintenance can sign up TruBlue’s convenient and affordable monthly house care program. With House Care Plus, a TruBlue technician will come to a client’s house for a monthly maintenance check. While there is a suggested list of services to be performed each month (like checking faucets, vents and filters), each client can create a customized list of maintenance items based on their individual home and needs:

Estimating Software

In an effort to help potential clients and franchisees, TruBlue Total House Care has rolled out a new estimating software, which can assist owners with providing quicker, accurate quotes for a multitude of project requests. This new cloud-based tool will allow our owners to access a database that helps them provide extremely accurate quotes in far less time. We also break down the costs of all of the work we do, which provides transparency and gives the client the ability to pick and choose what they would like to have done and see exactly what they are paying for:

New Website

TruBlue partnered with Scorpion to build a new website that combines the important elements and easy of use clients expect with the customization franchisees want. We worked with Scorpion Internet Marketing and now franchisees can adjust multiple sections of the website, even down to the header image, which they might change to reflect their local community:

Fifth Anniversaries

We celebrated the fifth anniversaries of two of our most active franchisee teams, the Diemonts, and the Lancours. TruBlue of Yorktown, owned by Kay and Tim Diemont, has 20 employees, a staffed office location and 8 wrapped PT Cruisers. They’ve been growing at a steady rate of about 25 percent each year for the last five years – a growth rate they are hoping to continue for many years to come. The Lancours own TruBlue of Southwest Florida and David and Susan, originally from Wisconsin, started their TruBlue business just over five years ago. It’s truly a family business as Susan runs the house cleaning aspect and Dave heads up the handyman/remodeling side.

16 New Owners

We also brought in and trained 16 new franchisees, most of which are up and running, with a still getting ready to launch. Here’s who joined the TruBlue family:

Matt Lundy – TruBlue of Chesapeake:

Russ and Alison Hickey – TruBlue Cincinnati East:

Daniel Lecuona – TruBlue Total House Care of Allen:

Ryan and Laci Reinke – TruBlue of Lincoln:

Shawn Osborne – TruBlue Total House Care of Tacoma:

Susan and Jeff Vandegenachte – TruBlue of Southern WI:

John Brethour – TruBlue of Easton:

Jake Pruitt – TruBlue of West Chester:

Dan Muhling – TruBlue Barrington:

Brandon Hudson – TruBlue Total House Care of Northern Kentucky:

Phil Ackerman – TruBlue of Northwest Calgary

William Jones – TruBlue of Las Vegas

Todd Orlandi, Kerri Kipp-Sutton and Billy Baker – TruBlue of East Louisville

Thomas Hester in Gastonia, NC

Charlotte Osland in Gaithersburg, MD

Brian Winton in Chattanooga, TN

2018 was a big year for TruBlue Total House Care, but with pieces in place like new software, a new website, House Care Plus and a great team of owners, we’re looking forward to an even more awesome 2019! If you’re interested in joining the TruBlue team, learn more about franchising with us at

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