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July 12, 2021

Fashion and Function: How Upgrading Your Home Organization Can Beautify Your Home

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While larger, more expensive homes may come with walk-in closets, beautiful pantries, and cabinets galore, we don’t all have the luxury of that kind of home organization and storage on move-in day. But whether you have a 1,000-square-foot home or a 4,000-square-foot home, modifying your closets, pantries and other home storage and organization can make your home both more functional and more beautiful.

Often, when we move into a home, we accept the storage solutions – and challenges – as the home was designed… at least until it drives us crazy enough to make changes. It’s easy enough to buy closet racks at a big box home improvement store, but have you considered opening up wall space for additional closet access? How about installing a recessed cabinet in an existing wall? Is your cabinet design the most effective for your needs? Where do you even start?

Here where we’d start ( – look around. Take a step back and consider what about your house drives you crazy. If your spices are a complete mess, maybe you could benefit from a vertical spice shelf. If your stoneware doesn’t quite fit into your existing cabinets, maybe it makes sense to look at ways you can reorganize your cabinetry. If you are limited on closet space but you have a lot of shoes, maybe under-bed storage, wall storage, or another custom solution is really what you need.

In addition to cutting down on clutter and making your home more functional, truly great storage and organization can make your home more beautiful. Who doesn’t love a hidden recycling drawer? Who isn’t impressed by a perfectly organized coat closet? Having a clean, clutter-free home is beautiful and it often starts with organization.

As homeowners, we often spend years living with things about our home that we don’t love only to renovate them when we go to list the house for sale. There’s no reason to avoid making those adjustments in order to love your home even more, especially with financing options through TruBlue like EasyPay.

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