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April 21, 2021

Four Small Projects You’ll Wish You Did When You Moved In

Sometimes the smallest projects are the ones we never seem to get to and, in some cases, they can have a large impact on your home. Here are four projects we can take off your list in just a few hours that you are going to wish you did back when you moved into your house:

Shelves: Storage is always a premium. Whether you live in an 1800s house with tiny closets or a new build with a full basement, there just never seems to be enough space. It might seem obvious, but installing shelves and making better use of your wall space can make a big difference. Could you use racks in your garage? How about floating bookshelves in your study? A supplies rack in your laundry room? Let us help free up your surfaces and make your home look more organized.

Under-Cabinet Lights: Kitchen counters that are against walls and underneath cabinets are almost always poorly lit. Of course, in most cases, they are always where end up doing a lot of prep work and cooking. Make your kitchen easier on the eyes with under-cabinet lights! They can bring a truly modern look to any kitchen, but they’ll also really make it easier to see when you’re cooking. You won’t know you needed these in your life until we’re done with the install.

New Window Coverings: Getting new blinds and curtains isn’t a tough job, but figuring out what you need, ordering them and installing them just feels like a hassle, especially if what you have up now is operational. TruBlue can help! Plus, while we’re working on your window treatments, let us take a look at your seals, clean the glass and make any repairs you might need.

Décor on the Walls: Isn’t it weird how we never seem to get around to hanging new art – or old photos – on the walls after we move in? While clean, clear walls have their own appeal, having tastefully decorated walls can be even more beautiful. You bring the art, we’ll bring the tools and, together, we can help make rooms you love even more.

TruBlue specializes in those small projects that can really eat into your weekend. Let us help you tackle that to-do list so you can love your home even more.

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