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October 1, 2020

Holiday Projects? But It’s October!

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It’s hard to think about holiday projects while simultaneously wondering if we’ll even be able to gather this year, but if you’re considering a home renovation – especially to a bathroom, dining room, living room or kitchen – the time to start those project is now. If you are still stuck in March 2020 and haven’t gotten into the holiday headspace, here are a few projects you might want to be consider:

In the Bathroom: Bathroom renovations run the gamut for complexity – sometimes you want a full reset, but often a good cleaning, bathtub re-glazing, cabinet refinishing and hardware swap is all it takes to bring your bathroom back to life. If your renovation includes looking toward the future, considering a minimal-entry Best Bath will help make your home more age friendly. Even if your holiday guests will just be using your powder room, how can you maximize the space and still find a way to impress? TruBlue can help.

In the Living Room: Living rooms are awesome places to get your creative juices flowing. Often we find ourselves feeling stuck in the same set up, especially if you’re working with less space, but even if you don’t move the furniture, with a few inventive renovation ideas, you can flip that space from flop to fab. A few popular renovation ideas include knocking down walls to create open floor plans, installing or replacing windows and doors, creating statement walls, updating interior trim, installing mantles (even faux ones), adding built-in shelving, updating lighting and more.

In the Dining Room: Dining rooms are often overlooked, but these spaces can be much more than a place to stick a table and chairs! Whether you have a formal dining room, a breakfast nook or an eat-in-kitchen, projects like updating the flooring or changing out the lighting and the curtains can give the room a whole new look. Some clients have also considered knocking down walls between dining rooms and kitchens to give a house a more open floor plan, depending on your current set up. Give that holiday centerpiece a place to shine!

In the Kitchen: Whether your kitchen is rocking the 1983 honey oak or you’re into a newer contractor-grade style, your cabinets can make a huge statement in your kitchen. If you’re not in a position to replace your cabinets at this point, more simple projects like refinishing or painting the cabinets and adding new hardware can make a huge difference. And, while we’re talking about cabinets, take a look underneath… adding or updating a backsplash is a relatively simple, lower-cost project that can make a big impact on those holiday haven’t-seen-you-since-2019 impressions. If the walls aren’t your style – look up. New lighting fixtures can make a big difference.

In the Guest Room: Guest rooms often become storage or – during a pandemic – the study when guests aren’t there. If you’re planning to have family or friends stay with you this holiday season, it might be time to declutter, repaint and refresh the room. We can help with all kinds of bedroom projects, but painting the walls and trim, hanging shelves and building new furniture are popular with our clients.

So if you’re planning to be home (renovating) for the holidays, contact your local TruBlue franchise now for a free quote and to talk about how our 12-months-same-as-cash program through EasyPay might be a great option to help you start sooner than you might have planned.

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