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August 12, 2019

Keeping Small Entryways Organized

Entryway coat hanger with a black backpack and tan, white, and floral colored coats.

When the kids go back to school, schedules get crazy, dinners get shorter and backpacks, shoes, coats, hats, laptop bags, purses and basically everything you bring into your house suddenly ends up in a heap by the end of each week. So what can you do to keep the kids – and yourself – from dropping their stuff in a pile the second they walk in the door?

If you have a larger space, like a mudroom, there are plenty of affordable entryway organizers with shoe racks, bins, pegs and basically everything you need to keep your stuff organized – Wall Trees come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. But for those of us who are working with a smaller entryway or a closet, it’s about getting creative…

Closet Systems Aren’t Just for Bedrooms: The internet is full of amazing closet renovations, but most of them are bedrooms. Why limit those versatile closet systems? There are tons of options that can help you maximize the space you have, even if the closet is already small.

Narrow Wall Racks: If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, installing low-profile racks or shelves can make a big difference. You can hang hooks directly on a wall if you are sure your wall can support the weight, or you can get a small rack with hooks or a peg rail to mount into the studs.

Creative Hooks: There are plenty of creative hooks out there that serve dual purposes – like hook boxes or cubbyholes that are mounted directly to the wall. If one item can serve two purposes, it will save you space and clutter.

Hanging Shoe Organizer: These are pretty common in bedrooms, but if you are able to free up a little space in your front closet by hanging the most used items on hooks, there’s no reason you can’t hang a shoe rack in a front closet. The fabric kind can be especially handy and low profile. While you can certainly use these for shoes, they are also great for hats, scarfs and gloves.

Converted Bookshelf: Not everyone can spare the space for a wall unit with a bench and bin storage, but have you thought about squeezing in regular bookshelf? This cool project ( using a few hooks and an affordable IKEA bookshelf might just be what you were looking for.

Pegboard: If your entryway is in a mudroom or the garage and you don’t mind a more industrial look, you can use pegboard to store hats, gloves, scarfs or basically anything light. We wouldn’t recommend these for backpacks though unless the wood is thicker.

Rethink the Bench: If you have a bench – or room for a bench – in your entry way, then you have room for hidden bin storage. Select a bench that has storage built in or create your own storage solution by adding a bottom shelf to your current bench to create a space for collapsible bins or baskets.

If you need someone to help you install shelves or install that closet system, your local TruBlue technicians can help. Find your local TruBlue today to get started.

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