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November 30, 2020

Need a Gift Idea for your Parents? We Can Help.

As we get older, buying gifts for our parents gets increasingly difficult. They are often in a position to buy the things they need or want and, as they think about downsizing, it’s hard to buy things for their house. So what do you get them for the holidays this year? What would they really appreciate?

Here’s an idea: give them the gift of time.

With TruBlue’s Total House Care Plus program, that’s what we offer. When you sign up – or gift – a quarterly or monthly service package, even for a set period of time, one of our local technicians will come to the home to help with handyman repairs, to-do list chores, cleaning, seasonal projects, senior safety modifications or whatever you or your loved ones are interested in having done around the house. If your parents are spending their weekends with to-do lists, making home repairs, etc., they can be investing that time into the things and people they love.

In addition to being a gift of time, TruBlue’s Total House Care Plus program can be used to help your parents make home modifications to help them age in place. While no one wants to think about how our needs change as we get older, doing things like upgrading light fixtures, swapping out door handles, installing grab bars and making other safety modifications, they are all things we’ll need to consider if we want to continue to live at home. By offering this quarterly or monthly program as a gift, you can suggest those projects to your parents without asking them to hire a handyman on their own.

Last, but certainly not least, House Care Plus is a gift to yourself in a way too. While we are all happy to help our loved ones in times of need, maintaining our own careers, lives and homes is challenging enough without the weekend to-do list from your parents too. It’s not that we don’t want to do those things – but wouldn’t it be convenient to be able to hand that list to a professional each month instead?

Not interested in an ongoing service program? TruBlue also can offer service packages based on the number of hours you want to gift.

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