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March 15, 2021

Selling a Home with the Help of TruBlue

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When you’re selling a house – whether you’re a Realtor or a home owner – time is money. It’s important to sell a house for the best price as quickly as possible. At TruBlue Total House Care, we get it, and that’s why we offer Real Estate Cleaning and Repair Services. From before the house is listed to the closing date, we are available to make the entire process quicker and less stressful.

Pre-Listing: Although it’s a seller’s market, having a house spruced up, repaired and cleaned before it hits the market can help the most interested buyers fall in love with it more quickly. At TruBlue, we partner with home owners and realtors to take care of those to-do list items that can hurt a first impression or that will obviously wind up on an inspection report. We are also happy to do our own walk-through to see if we have any suggestions on repairs or cleanings before the first potential buyers walk through. We also have a trusted network of professionals in case you should need something our team isn’t equipped to do – like have a tree removed or have an electrical box upgraded.

During Showing: Whether you’re living in the home while it’s on the market or you have an empty house staged and move-in ready, keeping the house clean and the lawn perfect for showings that could happen at the drop of a hat is incredibly stressful. At TruBlue, our full-service house care management teams can help with cleaning (deep cleaning and regular cleaning), repairs as needed, lawn care and more to help you make the best first impression on every potential buyer.

For Closing: The inspection period might be the most stressful time for anyone buying or selling a home. When you work with TruBlue, if you have inspection items that need handled before closing, we can help you meet the needs of the contract as quickly as possible. And, once you’re ready to move out, we can help you with that last deep clean before you hand over the keys. Also, if you have a new house picked out, we can help you with move-in cleaning and repairs too!

Learn more about our Real Estate Services and request a free quote online.

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