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May 1, 2021

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift – Joy and Safety at Home

Once you’ve grown up, it starts to feel a little weird to give your mom your handmade pottery bowl or a stick drawing of your family… but what do you give the woman who already has everything? At TruBlue, we have an idea…

Why not help her love her home? TruBlue franchise owners and technicians around the country are able to tackle a wide variety of projects (https://www.trubluehousecare.com/services/handyman-services/) that would make great gifts.

Clean Your Room! Your mom likely told you to clean your room more times than you can even remember and, whether you continue to make your bed every day or you live a messier lifestyle under your own roof, you can take the pressure off your mom by gifting her cleaning services from TruBlue! From whole house deep cleanings and sanitization to individual cleaning projects – we’re looking at you baseboards – TruBlue’s expert teams can help.

Take Care of Each Other! No one wants to think about getting older, but it happens – even to our moms. Help take care of your mom by bringing in a TruBlue technician to do a Senior Safety Assessment (https://www.trubluehousecare.com/services/total-house-care-for-seniors/) and then make any repairs that might cause mobility or accessibility issues in the future. Common projects include swapping out doorknobs for levers, adding grab bars, lowering light switches and more.

Eat Your Veggies! Parents spend a lot of thankless time in the kitchen and, as kids, we didn’t always appreciate – or even eat – the effort that goes into making sure we don’t go hungry. While a remodel might not be in the budget, there are lots of smaller projects TruBlue can help with for Mother’s Day. Has she been talking about adding a backsplash? Do those light fixtures need to be updated? Maybe it’s time for fresh door pulls on the cabinets?

The list of things TruBlue could do for your mom is almost endless. Put on your thinking cap, start dropping hints and give your local TruBlue a call.

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