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Home Ally Maintenance & VIP Services
Aging in Place

Your Home, Our Responsibility

A home is full of memories. It represents freedom, safety and comfort. But as we age, deep cleaning and maintenance tasks around the house become more difficult and more likely to be neglected. For seniors, this is not only frustrating, but it can lead to fall hazards and injury.

TruBlue Home Ally Maintenacne & VIP Services for Seniors takes care of this burden. We provide reliable, flexible options for your loved ones wanting to age in place.

From deep cleaning, handyman repairs and yard maintenance, to seasonal chores like raking leaves and hanging holiday lights - we provide home maintenance services for seniors that lets them enjoy their homes longer.

Services available:
  • To-do list chores
  • Grab bar installation
  • House cleaning
  • Seasonal projects (snow removal, hanging holiday lights)
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Handyman repairs (light plumbing, attic and basement services)
  • Home safety modifications (installing ramps and handrails)
  • Keyless entry systems
  • Setting up home security systems

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Home Ally Maintenance Service Packages

A plan that’s right for you

TruBlue offers affordable Home Ally Maintenance & VIP packages for monthly or quarterly services, customized for as much or as little as needed, inside and outside of the home.

Our custom Home Ally Maintenance services for seniors have flexible options and no annual contracts.

Quarterly Maintenance

We have a checklist of recommended seasonal tasks, in addition to any maintenance or repairs that are needed. Examples of tasks might include cleaning the gutters, replacing filters, or cleaning out your dryer vent.

Monthly To-do List Chores

Let us tackle those to do list chores! These are chores that may put seniors at risk of a fall or injury - chores that seniors shouldn't be doing and family members may not have time to perform. Things like changing the battery in the smoke detector, assemblying a new bookshelf, putting the lawn furniture in storage, and carrying a heavy box of Christmas decorations to the basement... the options are endless!

Home Ally Maintenance & VIP Subscription Services
A plan that’s right for you

House cleaning

A clean home is a safe home

A sparkling clean home gives us a sense of pride. And because aging weakens our immune system, a clean home also helps keep our elderly loved ones safer and healthier. With our senior house cleaning services, you can rest easy knowing that your loved one gets to enjoy the pride and health benefits of a clean home while reducing the likelihood of injury.

House Cleaning
home cleaning maid service


Senior Safety is our top priority

In addition to cleaning and maintenance for seniors, we also provide comprehensive home safety inspections and modifications to ensure a home’s safety.

Senior Home Safety
handyman measuring the height of door in TruBlue uniform.

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Setting the standard for service

We realize letting someone inside your home requires trust. Our team sets the standard in quality for house cleaning and maintenance for seniors. They are courteous, respectul, reliable, and highly vetted to ensure professionalism and the highest quality of work.

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Handyman Services


TruBlue Home Service Ally(TM) can be the trusted local handyman you have been searching for. Our home technicians can handle all of your home repair or maintenance needs, from sink repairs to paint touch-ups, gutter cleaning, and so much more.


Home Service Ally


Handyman repairs, yard maintenance, and to-do list chores like raking leaves and hanging holiday lights - we provide home maintenance services for seniors that lets them live safely in their homes longer.


Aging in Place


With a little preparation and support, aging in place can be a wonderful and safe experience for both seniors and their families.


Deck Building & Repairs


TruBlue's trusted team of professional carpenters can handle any of your deck, patio, or porch needs, whether you're building something new or repairing something already there. We offer board and railing replacement, staining, painting, power-washing and much more.


Yard Work and Landscaping


Whether you need help pulling those unsightly weeds and planting flowers, installing a fence, or staining your deck, TruBlue can help.


House Cleaning


From vacuuming and dusting, to cleaning windows and everything in between, our local house cleaning services are here to help. Single service and monthly plans that fit your busy life.


Seasonal Work


From mulching flower beds in Spring to raking leaves in Fall, our trained staff can help with your all season home maintenance, year round.


Real Estate


Increase curb appeal with property cleaning and maintenance for real estate properties. Open house cleaning, yard maintenance, apartment cleaning and repairs, and more.


Commercial Property


Property maintenance, cleaning, and accessibility improvements for businesses. Retail, office, assisted living centers and more.


Kitchen & Bathroom


Let us help with a new complete kitchen or bathroom remodel. Our kitchen and bathroom remodeling experts can give you an updated look that you have been wanting.


Senior Home Safety Assessment


Preparing a home for an elderly family member is a big responsibility. We take the weight off your shoulders by providing comprehensive home safety for your aging-in-place loved ones.


Senior Home Safety Modifications


TruBlue’s experienced home technicians work with you to create a custom senior home modification plan that makes the home more accessible and reduces falling hazards for your aging loved one.


Useful reading

TruBlue Aims to Make Aging in Place More Accessible
Aging in place at home has become a desired care option for many older Americans. But this is only possible when the home is properly equipped to accommodate the needs of the resident. TruBlue Home Service Ally President Sean Fitzgerald learned this the hard way after his father-in-law experienced a fall in his home and died from the resulting complications.  “After the fall, we realized that the handrail on the stairs was too low and they weren’t on both sides,” Fitzgerald told McKnight’s Home Care Daily Pulse. “Something as simple as that obviously could’ve saved his life. When you just compound that with how many more seniors are aging in place, this fall situation for seniors is going to continue unless we start taking more preventative measures to help them in the situation.” Fitzgerald’s company, TruBlue, is a home maintenance company that provides these necessary accommodations to ensure safe and comfortable living environments. TruBlue has complementary relationships with home care organizations such as Comfort Keepers and Right at Home, with handyman and maintenance services across 90 franchises in 25 different states. Carmen Hendricks, owner of a TruBlue franchise based out of Vienna, VA, since September 2019, says she and her two technicians take on a wide range of projects. She’s learned to be prepared for anything. “Some of the smaller projects sometimes are a little bit of a challenge for [clients] to either find someone or difficult to find the time or resources,” Hendricks said. “For one client, we installed all LED lights throughout the home so that they didn’t have to change light bulbs for 10 years.” Fitzgerald and Hendricks agree that one of the biggest challenges TruBlue faces is raising awareness of the company’s services amid a growing number of aging adults in the nation. Given his own personal and professional experience, Fitzgerald knows the value of preparation. “I think the biggest challenge is educating the public that there are simple things that you can do to prepare these homes for seniors to age in place and getting the word out there,” Fitzgerald said. “It’s not going to be perfect, there’s no perfect solution but there’s a lot of preventative measures that can be in place to prevent those falls and save lives.” Hendricks has also noticed a shift in attitudes toward aging in place that bode well for its future. She believes these changes in perspective can lead to changes in lifestyle. “The term ‘aging in place,’ in my opinion, had kind of a negative connotation and I think now, it’s much more positive,” Hendricks said. “People realize that investing in their home now that they want to age in place is a great way to maintain the stability of the community that they’re in. I’m really optimistic that we’ll see even more and more people trying to stay in their home as long as possible.” Home Sweet Home is a feature appearing Mondays in McKnight’s Home Care Daily Pulse. The story focuses on a heartwarming, entertaining or quirky happening affecting the world of home care. If you have a topic that might be worthy of the spotlight in Home Sweet Home, please email Special Projects Coordinator Foster Stubbs at
New Partnership with Majestic Residences!
TruBlue Total House Care®, the 80-plus-unit handyman and home services franchise, has announced a strategic partnership with Majestic Residences, the residential assisted living facility franchise. “Majestic Residences is an innovative, and up & coming franchise system that converts homes into small, assisted living facilities,” said Sean Fitzgerald, president of TruBlue. “They focus on caring for seniors in a shared home setting. They recognized the need for a partner, also professionally trained to support seniors, that can help make sure those individual homes are well-maintained and optimized for their residents. TruBlue is the perfect partner because we are the only franchise system focused on ongoing home maintenance and handyman services for seniors and busy adults. The TruBlue Home Service Ally on-demand and subscription based programs provide help around the house, both inside and out.” Majestic Residences was founded in 2020 to provide unparalleled homes for seniors when compared to the traditional large assisted living and memory care facilities. Limited to six to 16 residents per home depending on their location, Majestic Residences offers the type of services that is best served in a smaller, home-like facility — 24-hour care, homemade meals, housekeeping, bathing, grooming, medication administration, activities and events, fall prevention, in-home physicians visits and much, much more.
TruBlue Teams Up with CarePatrol
TruBlue Total House Care forms a partnership with CarePatrol. CarePatrol is an industry leader that provides care advisory services. With over 150 locations throughout the United States, many of their offices overlap with our TruBlue offices. Because both companies are franchises, there's high flexibility with the partnership. Together, local owners can team up and form a plan that best serves their communities. CarePatrol knows that families who are looking for care options often need more than a housing change or a skilled caregiver. That’s where TruBlue comes in. TruBlue will offer CarePatrol’s customers the ability to remain independent, with home safety modifications. "A TruBlue franchisee may have clients on a monthly subscription program, and those seniors or their families may ask for a referral to a local senior housing or care provider, or a CarePatrol client may ask for home modification when moving," said Coumbs. "The local TruBlue franchisee can now refer to their local CarePatrol strategic partner as a reliable advisor to come in and provide a no-cost educational program for seniors and help them choose a new community. The CarePatrol franchisee can also now lean on a nearby TruBlue operation as a trusted provider of home assessment, modification, and maintenance." Read about the full partnership here: TruBlue Total House Care Teams Up with CarePatrol


TruBlue Total House Care has locally owned and operated locations across the U.S. Support local business, backed by the assurance of a national name you can trust.

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