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Seasonal Work
All Season Home Maintenance Services

All you have to do is call TruBlue.

Yours can be the home with the manicured lawn in Summer, colorful flowers in Spring and festive holiday lights in Winter - and you don’t have to lift a finger.

With each new season comes seasonal home maintenance, plus time consuming lawn and house care projects. All of this time spent on home maintenance means time away from the things you’d rather be doing.

At TruBlue, our trained, bonded service providers are here to help, year around. You can keep your home looking beautiful month after month and eliminate the risk of household accidents.

Regardless of when you need us, we’re always here to help

Services available:
  • Deck cleaning
  • Vacuuming, dusting and carpet cleaning
  • Pool cleaning
  • Cleaning and placing patio furniture
  • Basement and attic work
  • Cleaning grills and outdoor kitchens
  • Changing HVAC air filters
  • Window cleaning
  • Screen installation

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Year Around Home Maintenance

Whether you need help inside, outside or both - TruBlue has an all season maintenance plan that’s right for you.

With TruBlue’s House Care Plus packages, you decide how many hours you need help every month. Then we do the rest to keep your home and yard maintenance free. And don’t worry - any unused hours roll over to the next month, automatically.

House Care Plus
Handyman drilling into log cabin.

Spring Home Maintenance

After a long winter, your home can suffer damage that you aren’t aware of until the problem becomes a big one. Planning ahead for the upcoming seasons can keep your home comfortable, your family safe, and your bills in check.

Field filled with seasonal orange flowers and grass.

Summer Home Maintenance

During warmer months, the creatures living outside seek refuge inside your nice, cool home. Ensuring your windows and doors are properly sealed and that the exterior of your home is free from damage keeps critters out and reduces your air conditioning bills. From pressure washing to pool cleaning and fence installation, TruBlue handles it all.

At TruBlue, we brave the heat so you don’t have to.

backyard summer maintenance and repairs

Fall Home Maintenance

We can help get your home holiday and cold-weather ready. With flexible options for cleaning and maintaining your home inside and out, let us handle those leaf-packed gutters so you can handle your jam-packed schedule.

Fall leaves hang off of tree

Winter Home Maintenance

It’s no surprise that most home maintenance accidents happen in the Winter months. It gets dark earlier, snow and ice lead to slippery conditions, and people stand on ladders with staple guns to hang electrical lights. Need we say more?

Luckily, you don’t need to worry about any of that. Because with TruBlue, we get your house holiday ready while you sip cocoa by the fire. From winterizing pipes to furnace checks to hanging holiday lights, when it comes to your home, we’ve got it covered.

Winter forest with trees covered in snow.

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Handyman Services


TruBlue Home Service Ally(TM) can be the trusted local handyman you have been searching for. Our home technicians can handle all of your home repair or maintenance needs, from sink repairs to paint touch-ups, gutter cleaning, and so much more.


House Care Plus


Handyman repairs, yard maintenance, and to-do list chores like raking leaves and hanging holiday lights - we provide home maintenance services for seniors that lets them live safely in their homes longer.


Aging in Place


With a little preparation and support, aging in place can be a wonderful and safe experience for both seniors and their families.


Deck Building & Repairs


TruBlue's trusted team of professional carpenters can handle any of your deck, patio, or porch needs, whether you're building something new or repairing something already there. We offer board and railing replacement, staining, painting, power-washing and much more.


Yard Work and Landscaping


Whether you need help pulling those unsightly weeds and planting flowers, installing a fence, or staining your deck, TruBlue can help.


House Cleaning


From vacuuming and dusting, to cleaning windows and everything in between, our local house cleaning services are here to help. Single service and monthly plans that fit your busy life.


Real Estate


Increase curb appeal with property cleaning and maintenance for real estate properties. Open house cleaning, yard maintenance, apartment cleaning and repairs, and more.


Commercial Property


Property maintenance, cleaning, and accessibility improvements for businesses. Retail, office, assisted living centers and more.


Kitchen & Bathroom


Let us help with a new complete kitchen or bathroom remodel. Our kitchen and bathroom remodeling experts can give you an updated look that you have been wanting.


Senior Home Safety Assessment


Preparing a home for an elderly family member is a big responsibility. We take the weight off your shoulders by providing comprehensive home safety for your aging-in-place loved ones.


Senior Home Safety Modifications


TruBlue’s experienced home technicians work with you to create a custom senior home modification plan that makes the home more accessible and reduces falling hazards for your aging loved one.


House Care Plus for Seniors


From deep cleaning, handyman repairs and yard maintenance, to seasonal chores like raking leaves and hanging holiday lights - we provide home maintenance services for seniors that lets them enjoy their homes longer.


Useful reading

Friends at outdoor dining table celebrate forth of July with flags and food.
Summer is a busy time for all of us full of vacations, sporting events, and holidays. One of the most important of these holidays is July 4th. July 4th is a time to celebrate our country and spend time with our friends and family. As we look forward to enjoying this holiday, let’s think about how much work goes into hosting holiday celebrations. There are plenty of house maintenance tasks that need to happen if you are to thoroughly enjoy any of your holiday and summer celebrations. The most important type of maintenance work for hosting any sort of event in the summer is making sure that your outdoor space is clean and tidy. Maintenance such as power washing, landscaping, and properly setting up your patio/deck are extremely important for enjoying the summer months. Power washing helps bring life back to your house, patio, or deck and removes years of staining wear and tear from them, while landscaping helps make your yard look and feel much more cozy. Removing plant debris also prevents bugs from invading much of your space. A fun touch for any outdoor party; installing new surround sound speakers, this makes your outdoor area much more of an entertainment and space meant to share with your friends and family. The last great maintenance task for truly making your outdoor space great is doing a seasonal deep clean of your grill. Cleaning your grill only takes around 30 minutes to an hour and will make sure that your grill is up and running properly, plus it’ll make sure your food is tasting as great as possible. Although the outside is extremely important for entertaining throughout the summer, the inside of your home is just as if not more important. July is a great month to be sitting outside, however it is the hottest month of the year, which is why it is great to be able to cool off inside. One of the most important maintenance items when it comes to the summer is making sure that you have a working air conditioning unit. Air conditioners can be extremely costly to fix if broken, and they typically need to have filters replaced every 90 days. Another extremely important maintenance item people typically overlook is dryer vent cleaning. Dryer vent cleaning is extremely important because they become clogged with lint, causing 2,900 fires per year and $35 million in property loss. These maintenance tasks typically forgotten can really help bring some life back into your house and make it the perfect place to be this summer. No matter what you need this summer, Our TruBlue Tru-Pro Handymen are here to help!
Senior couple sit on bench together on a porch.
It’s getting warmer and starting to feel like summertime. When the weather gets nicer we know that more people spend their days outside enjoying nature. Although spring and summer are beautiful, there are some inherent dangers to the outdoors that we have to remember, especially as we age. We’ve put together a list of 5 outdoor safety tips and tricks for the aging adventurer in your life. 1 Decluttering your Sheds and Garages. Decluttering your space is extremely important when trying to prevent many issues, such as cleanliness and tripping hazards. Decluttering can also help prevent the masking of potential critter and bug infestations. It can also reduce the amount of dust that builds up, for cleaner air aiding with allergies. Garages and sheds are great for storage, but if it becomes cluttered, disorganized, or if it’s bursting at the seams, the space no longer is safe and now poses a risk for items falling down and becoming tripping hazards, and making your items unusable because they’re too hard to access. 2 Proper Lighting. As we age, our eyesight deteriorates rapidly, which makes having proper lighting on both the inside and outside of the house extremely necessary. Making sure that your home is properly lit on the outside can help prevent tripping when walking over unstable ground and terrain. There are many different types of lights that you can use on the exterior of your home, but some of the best ones to use are motion sensor lights, path lights, and stair lights, all of which can help make the exterior of your home the best and safest it can be. Some lights are even solar powered so you’ll never have to worry about changing a battery or running electricity from your house to the lights. 3 Outdoor Shade Cover. One of the best things for people of all ages to do for their health is to sit outside and get some fresh air, however as we grow older there are some increased risks for doing so. As we age, we become more susceptible to contracting skin cancer from the sun's harmful UV rays. A good way to enjoy the outdoors while also staying safe from the dangerous UV is to invest in a shade cover. A fabric shade cover can block up to 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, along with cooling your patio by up to 20 degrees. There are many other types of covers that can protect your skin from the sun including pergolas, umbrellas, awnings, and canopies. Shade covers can help you get that freedom of enjoying the outdoors again, without putting you at risk for skin cancer. 4 SHS Monitoring Technology. One new feature offered by Seniors Home Services is their Remote Care Monitoring technology. Their Remote Care Monitoring system uses motion detectors, sensors, and AI to detect unusual behaviors in the residents home, without invasive cameras. Behaviors such as inactivity, open doors late at night, and the stove or water being on for too long are all detected through their sensors. All these different sensors paired with the AI software can help notify technicians of potentially hazardous situations. The system helps reduce the risk of falls and allows for quick responses to falls should they happen. This system also includes a necklace that has a button on it in case you run into trouble while outside of your house. 5 Enhance your Outdoor Mobility. Mobility is important for everyone, but its importance grows as you age. Ensuring that you’re able to move freely around your home and yard is an essential part to being able to Age-in-Place. If you utilize mobility devices, such as walkers, canes, or scooters, getting an outdoor ramp and widening your entrance way is extremely important to get around comfortably. Not only is being comfortable extremely important, but the safety that these ramps provide is extremely important for everyone using them. Ramps provide that extra mobility for people who need it the most. TruBlue offers services such as ramp installations and doorway widening, which can help make mobility much safer. To help with clutter, we have our maid service, which allows for customizable options as far as scheduling and what work you need done. Installation of Outdoor Shade Covers can also be done by our TruBlue Tru-Pro home technicians. TruBlue technicians can also install external motion detectable lights that can help make sure you get where you need to be in the dark. Lastly, since TruBlue is partnered with Senior Home Services we can help get the Remote Care Monitoring system up and running.
5 Easy Things to do to Reset After Holiday Chaos
December is full of many holidays, hectic schedules and all around craziness. It’s not uncommon to put holiday lights up around your property, trees in your living rooms, wreaths in your windows. By January, Kinaras and Menorahs had both been lit, the ball has dropped and most of us are trying to find balance in our old routines again. The holiday season certainly puts your homes and selves through the ringer. Kids are home from school for the holidays, and relatives and guests travel in and out of your own homes. The added wear and tear might mean that your house requires some TLC and post holiday decompression of its own. It can be hard to find the motivation to start cleaning up the house and resetting for the new year. In a study conducted by People Magazine, 54% of Americans confessed that the last thing they wanted to do was to clean up their homes once the festivities had ended. To help aid from the transition here are 5 easy things that you can do to reset after the holiday chaos has ended: Start with Trash: starting with trash is often the easiest way to remove the visual clutter from your space that makes it seem extra messy. To do this, take a large trash bag around your home and start chucking the rubbish in the bag. You can also do this with the recyclables as well. Put Things in Their Homes: Everything in your house should have a home, or someplace that it belongs. For example, your remote goes in the room with your TV, laundry goes in a hamper or into the dresser/closet. Go around the house and put things into their proper places. Once items are in their homes, you’re left with ‘homeless’ items. To create a home for them ask yourself, “where would I look for this item” and then take it to that place. Take Down Holiday Decor: Put the tree away, take the wreaths out of the windows and take the holiday lights down. Removing these items from sight mentally reset your mind that the holidays are truly done. Clean: Run the vacuum cleaner/sweep and mop the floors to remove any of the dirt and dust caused by your families coming and leaving your homes. Wipe down your surfaces with a disinfectant to remove the germs off of your surfaces, don’t forget commonly touched places such as door knobs or light switches. Repairs & Projects: Sometimes the holidays can inadvertently cause damage to your house. Other times there are projects that you wanted to accomplish before the holidays were here but you ran out of time. Now is the time to complete your maintenance tasks. Don’t feel like you need to tackle them alone though, call TruBlue to expertly navigate your projects and repairs so that you can get back to a normal routine and relax after all the fun has been had.


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